Blue moonpie

Soaring Scousers

Well when the blue mooners beat United I thought they’ve got some minerals to them now! But as in usual City style they balls up against Villa. A side that was staring down the barrel last season pull out a luvly victory over bees and honey City FC.
Moyes eh!? Not a weekend for him to remember. Is he buckling under the pressure? Chop and changing the team like nobody’s business that man. Losing to West Brom is never a tasty dish to swallow but to lose at the Theatre of Dreams is definitely something Davey boy is going to lose sleep over. Being honest I can’t see them making top 4, you can stick a pony on that my old china’s.
Liverpool look like a new side this season. New defensive backline and a refreshed attacking force, I won’t be surprised if they make top 4 this season. Suarez back from his cannibal ban and looks hungrier than ever, ah thank you! Pure custard, but seriously he’s looking sharp and and almost like he’s got something to prove. Danny boy up top as well is consistent, he needs to keep his nut down and keep that form for the rest of the season and the scousers will be laughing.
United away to Sunderland this weekend are we going to see an upset for the away team? I wouldn’t rule it out.
Right you mugs stop reading and go to work!