BlueOptimize helps combat rising fuel bills

BlueOptimize has further established itself as one of the most attractive ways for fleets to combat rising fuel bills

BlueOptimize, an intelligent ECU remapping technology from Viezu, has further established itself as one of the most attractive ways for fleets to combat rising fuel bills as well as reduce their environmental impact, with another major technology award.
The latest honour, Motor Transport’s 2013 award, was secured after the service helped one of the UK’s largest fleets save an estimated £30m in fuel costs over eight years. It’s the latest tribute to the service which in recent months has also secured other awards for innovation, cost saving and environmental performance.
Paul Busby, CEO, Viezu Technologies, said: “BlueOptimize is at the cutting-edge of ‘intelligent’ ECU remapping and has been scientifically developed over many years at our UK research and development centre.
“So, to see it gain further recognition for helping fleets save millions in fuel costs is very rewarding and proof, if it was needed, that our bespoke ECU remapping solutions can deliver huge real world results.”
Through a clever combination of speed, rev and throttle limiting which are tailored to the user’s specific vehicle use and needs, BlueOptimize offers savings of up to 15 percent in fuel costs and 20 percent reductions in CO2 emissions.
During the latest large scale fleet role out, bespoke software files were written for each of the company’s 24,000 vehicles over a six month period by Viezu’s centrally located team of software development engineers. New remap files were supplied back to the customer’s 63 garages with an average response time of just five minutes. This rapid response ensured upgrades were completed swiftly and without any delays or interruption when vehicles came in for regular service and MoT work.
“Fleets remain as committed as ever to reducing their carbon footprint and their running costs,” continues Busby. “BlueOptimize is being widely recognised as the one of the best solutions to this challenge without the huge expense and investment needed to completely replace a vehicle fleet.”
To find out more about how Viezu’s BlueOptimize ECO ECU remapping service can help your fleet reduce its costs, visit or call 01527 579345.