Bringing the spa experience to your customers


Taking inspiration from wellness retreats and spas to create a dream bathroom has been a long-standing trend amongst consumers. However, this has now evolved, with homeowners now looking to match spa style with a personal spa experience. No longer a clinical and purely functional space, bathrooms are becoming places of sanctuary and retreat.

Here, Keith Dyson, National Technical Sales Manager at Hansgrohe UK, answers questions for installers on how to create an at home spa experience for their customers with products that are stylish, long-lasting and water-saving.

What products should I look for to help improve a customer’s experience in their bathroom?

Not everyone will have the budget to stretch to a complete bathroom renovation, but just updating a few key components can make a big difference. Changing a shower head for example can bring in new water experiences for your customers.

Shower heads that incorporate different spray patterns can provide your customers with a luxurious showering experience, without breaking the bank. Over the years, Hansgrohe Group has put significant investment in to spray technology development, and key to this is the renowned and industry acclaimed PowderRain.

With the advantage of micro spray technology, PowderRain is much finer than conventional shower jets; with six ultra-fine outlets per nozzle, spray is transformed into thousands of micro droplets, designed to envelop the body in a gentle cocoon of water. What’s more, these micro droplets actually help to reduce noise and minimise splashing, helping to create a peaceful, tranquil space for your customers.

In addition, we have the Rain spray, a powerful rain jet, which will provide your customer with an invigorating shower experience, perfect to start the day with. And, to enhance the spa experience they may be looking for, our Whirl setting is a

swirling massage spray, which can help relieve muscle tension in the neck area and shoulders. All three spray types are available for our Raindance shower heads, with different configurations within the Rainfinity range.

At Hansgrohe, we design shower systems with the installer in mind. We also offer a wide range of exposed showers that can be installed on existing connections.

What products can I recommend that will help my customers reduce the amount of water they use?

With energy bills rising and consumers becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, recommending products that will reduce the amount of water and energy a consumer uses can be advantageous for installers. However, there may be concerns that reducing the amount of water a shower uses will make it less powerful.

By mixing air along with our special flow limitations, hansgrohe has developed EcoSmart technology – which can reduce the amount of water that a shower consumes by up to 60%. With various styles available, incorporating EcoSmart ensures that customers won’t have to sacrifice shower performance to be more eco-conscious in their bathroom.

There are also ways to make your customers taps more eco-friendly. All hansgrohe basin mixers have a flow rate of 5 litres a minute as standard, helping to reduce your customer’s water and energy use from the outset.

In addition, there are a wide range of basin mixers that incorporate hansgrohe CoolStart technology. Achieved by adjusting the cartridge position within the mixer, CoolStart means only cold water can flow when the handle is set in the middle position (in line with the spout) – as opposed to standard taps where the hot water will start to come through.

Your customers will still be able to get hot water with CoolStart, just only when they really need it – by deliberately turning the lever to the full hot position. This simple upgrade to a customer’s bathroom will see their water use reduce, along with their heating bills.

How can I ensure quality and longevity for my customers?

The ability to fit a product in the knowledge that it will not cause further issues later down the line is key to unlocking customer loyalty and protecting your reputation as an installer. It also reduces the potential for emergency callouts giving you time back to get more jobs completed and increase revenue for your business.

All Hansgrohe products are tested with water or air to get as close to the bathroom experience as possible before leaving the factory. We also ‘over-test’ to ensure robustness of all our showers and taps. In the UK, three bar working pressure tends to be the average but Hansgrohe products are all tested to sixteen bar as standard.

We also manufacture our own mixer cartridges, so the whole product is guaranteed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, a spare parts guarantee is upheld even after the product is discontinued – for up to 15 years. This provides further peace of mind on the continuity of supply for you and your customers – allowing you to simply ‘fit and forget’.

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