Bristan offers installers advice on using the Water Label

Since summer 2014, the Water Label has been seen on a much wider range of bathroom products, including showers, taps, baths and toilets, and is being increasingly used on manufacturers’ point of sale material and literature.
Water label webBristan is offering advice to installers using the label, recommending that to avoid disappointment consumers should always be made aware that water efficiency is likely to have some impact on performance, and vice versa. Fiona Bowyer, marketing director at Bristan, comments:
“Many of today’s consumers are looking to reduce their utility bills as well as their impact on the environment, and awareness about how precious water is has never been greater. In turn, leading, responsible bathroom product manufacturers have introduced water efficient options – and the Water Label helps installers and consumers to identify them more easily.
“The voluntary Water Label, developed by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) and now operated by The Water Label company, provides comparative information on volumes of water use between similar products. It was introduced to help consumers make a more informed choice when purchasing bathroom products.
“We believe the Water Label is a very useful tool that can help to guide consumers towards water efficient products. Bristan has signed up to the scheme and products in our latest A5 P&P Guide are labelled to assist installers and their customers.
“However, it’s really important for customers to make the link between efficiency and performance. In order to ensure the end user is not left disappointed with their shower or tap, and their expectations are met, installers should explain that a product with a water label that indicates lower flow rates will usually be optimised for water efficiency, whereas a product showing high flow rates will be optimised for performance. Generally, higher performing products will use more water.
“While many manufacturers have worked hard to develop showers and taps that use less water yet still deliver good flow rates, the performance of a water efficient shower or tap will always, to some degree, be compromised.
“Some people will of course still choose water efficiency over performance, welcoming the opportunity to ‘do their bit’ and save water, but for others, the desire to have a high-performance, powerful shower will outweigh their environmental conscience.
“The Water Label can be really effective in helping consumers choose a shower or tap that’s right for them – and so we would urge installers to take advantage of it when quoting and making recommendations. None of us want consumers to end up with showers or taps that don’t live up to their expectations because they didn’t realise that opting for water efficiency would mean making a compromise on performance, or vice versa.”
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