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Top 5 Cordless Drills on the market

Installers know that a drill is one of the essential pieces of kit to get their jobs done well, but not all drills are the same. For tradespeople looking for relentless power and optimal torque, an electric drill is a logical choice for many people. This is not always the best choice, though. Such a […]

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Why Spirotech's training on deaeration and dirt separation is a hit with installers

Spirotech is on a mission to spread the message about deaeration and dirt separation to engineers. Installer headed to a training day in Solihull to find out how the manufacturer is taking a different approach. Every installer knows the importance of training. Discovering new products and solutions means they can carve out a new niche […]

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65% of drivers think they can get away with offences because of "lack of police on roads"

Two thirds of drivers (65%) feel they can get away with offences like tailgating and lane-hogging due to a lack of police presence on UK roads. A study of more than 19,500 drivers by the AA found that offences such as using a hand-held mobile phone while driving, driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition […]

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5 difficult-to-spot symptoms of a zombie boiler that needs replacing

Richard Harvey – Category Director for Wolseley Plumb Center – reveals five difficult-to-spot symptoms of a boiler in need of replacement, which installers can use to advise customers they have a cash-guzzling zombie in their midst. Inefficient boilers aren’t always obvious – they aren’t all giving off yellow flames, leaking, or setting off carbon monoxide alarms. […]

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What installers need to know about BOXT

Described as the ‘Uber of boiler installers’, the arrival of BOXT – a new online boiler purchasing service – has created huge levels of interest in the heating industry. Installer met with the founders to better understand the aims of the company. Having launched a hugely successful installation business with Help-Link, Alan Dickinson and Mel […]

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