Shocking stats show van break-ins happen every 23 minutes

Research from Powertools2U reveals that the average tool theft claim costs the tradesperson £1,692 – a figure that unfortunately, can sometimes be doubled with 50% of victims having had their tools stolen at least twice. Recent reports have claimed that a van is broken into and the tools stole every 23 minutes in the UK […]

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How a "smart" van can help installers boost their business

New research from leading specialists has identified a smart van as one of the eight most simple improvements tradespeople can make to their businesses. With thousands of self-employed UK plumbers, heating engineers and electricians working out of vans at least five days a week, often far from home, their vehicles can easily become tired […]

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Drivers urged to check their tyres once and month, every month

Road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist is urging motorists to make monthly checks on tyres, to ensure tread depths are sufficient and pressures are correct. Correct tyre pressure is not only vital for your safety on the road, it’s also the best way to maximise fuel economy, according to GEM road safety officer […]

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Tool theft hits record high with break-ins costing business over £46million – says new research

Tool theft from vans has soared by 15% in the last three years costing businesses over £46 million, according to research by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Police forces across the UK have recorded over 64,000 cases of theft from commercial vehicles since April 2015 with a record 23,859 incidents in 2017/18. Figures obtained by Volkswagen Commercial […]

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Is the hydrogen-powered vehicle market picking up?

IDTechEx takes a look at the future of hydrogen powered vehicles and whether we could be driving them in the near future: Fuel cells are commercially successful in stationary applications but commercially unsuccessful in vehicles, beyond a few thousand purchased for material handling vehicles, notably forklifts. A few thousand had been sold as cars by […]

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