Nine top tips for driving in the rain

Drivers have been urged to take precautions if they find themselves on the roads during the downpours forecast across the UK this week. The motoring experts at have put together their nine top tips for driving in wet conditions and advised drivers to take extra care when it’s raining. They suggest slowing down on slippery […]

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There's "shocking variation" in actual van NOx emissions compared with the official results – says new research

Independent real-world rating system puts emissions of best-selling vans in the spotlight with some encouraging and some shocking results. The Volkswagen Crafter is the cleanest Euro 6 van tested based on real-world emissions, but the Mercedes Citan emits 17 times more pollution, yet both vehicles conform to the laboratory-based legal standards. Those are some of […]

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Seven guidelines for van drivers to winter-proof their vehicles

Motoring experts from have released seven guidelines for UK van drivers to winter-proof their vehicles, inside and out. Driving on British roads from November onwards can be rough but doing a little extra preparation and having useful items to hand will make travelling during the winter more pleasant. A reassured, comfortable and focussed motorist […]

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There's a 36% increase in accidents during rush hour evening traffic now the clocks have gone back

The latest data from insurethebox reveals the true cost motorists pay for an extra hour in bed, with an overall 14% increase in accidents across the UK. And the loss in daylight in the evening appears to have a particularly marked impact with a 36% increase in accidents between 5.00pm and 8.00pm. Scotland, the West […]

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7 tips for loading a van properly without breaking any rules or regulations

Common sense goes a long way, but transporting goods safely by van requires a little more thought than simply throwing everything in and hoping for the best.  According to the Road Traffic Act, a person could actually be guilty of an offence if they use a motor vehicle on the road when the weight, position, […]

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