Why installers should NOT consider like-for-like replacements

Easy access and continuous, limitless flow of hot water is a critical component of building services for all applications in all sites. Pete Seddon from Rinnai explains why installers should NOT consider like-for-like replacements, and instead opt for higher-performing systems. Continuous flow technology in hot water delivery provides constant flows of temperature specific and controlled delivery […]

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5 ladder hacks installers need to know

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to find the best ladder for the job. It may not appear that the type of work at height equipment you use is particularly important and that any ladder would do, but this is not always the case. Ladders are a common everyday tool, […]

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Q&A with Ian Rippin – CEO of MCS

Installer spoke to Ian Rippin – CEO of the MCS – about what’s in store for the heating, plumbing and renewables industries in 2022: Q. What, in your opinion, is the biggest challenge the sector faces in 2022? Ian: There are quite a number of challenges to consider but in the short-term, the supply chain will […]

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Phasing out fossil fuel heating in off grid homes – What installers need to know

Phil Hurley, Chair of the Heat Pump Association, looks at the government’s plans to achieve net zero in off grid homes: It goes without saying that we need to phase out fossil fuel heating systems. Whether we’re looking at it from the perspective of meeting net zero or the best ways to protect people from the […]

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Can using a woodburner help reduce energy costs?

With the recent and ongoing rise in energy costs, people are considering alternative methods for heating their homes to reduce their reliance on gas and electric, and potentially save them money. In fact, online search experts MediaVision have released figures showing that searches for ‘woodburner’ have risen by 36%. HETAS’s own data mirrors this trend. […]

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