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CEO talks about getting young people on the job ladder

Watch CEO of City Gateway, Eddie Stride, talk about the importance of social enterprises and partnerships in getting young people...

More UK families facing fuel poverty

Rising energy bills are forcing some families to make a choice between heating their homes or feeding their children, it...

Ofgem urged to help businesses

Pressure is mounting for Ofgem to take action to help struggling small businesses find cheaper energy. Courtesy of

Energy consumers must fight price rises

Cash-strapped consumers are continuing to feel the pinch due to energy bills as providers welcome rising profits.

Poultry farm heated by HDG wood chip boiler

Biomass Poultry Farm: This poultry broiler farm, has made huge fuel savings by switching from gas heating to wood biomass...

Alistair Buchanan’s comments on energy security and rising gas prices

Ofgem chief executive Alistair Buchanan says consumers need to start looking at their bills, warning that energy prices are likely...

Introduction to Wood Biomass stoves and boilers

Biomass: An introduction to this exciting renewable energy source from Euroheat.

CondenseSure advice for heating professionals

Technical advice, aimed at professional heating installers, about Worcester’s CondenseSure device. CondenseSure helps prevent external condensate pipes from freezing, even...

Arnold Schwarzenegger congratulates the UK energy efficiency mission

Arnold Schwarzenegger congratulates the UK Government on its leadership in the field of energy efficiency.

Will the green deal cut UK households energy bills?

The ‘green deal to tackle household energy bills, hailed by the government as the ‘most ambitious home improvement programme since...