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Home Safety Campaign launched by Electrical Safety First

With over 80 million domestic accidents each year – many of them leading to serious injury and property damage, which cost £1 billion in 2014 – Electrical Safety First has launched a campaign around home safety. And the Charity’s research has discovered that Saturday at 6:30pm is the most dangerous time to be at home, […]

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30% of people think smart thermostats are the future

Although winter is over, the cold weather remains, and research from, HomeServe’s installer hub for smart thermostats, has uncovered that one in three homeowners are more concerned about their heating bills than ever before. The research also uncovered that nearly forty per cent of people have a desire to take more control over their […]

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Installers should get excited about smart heating controls

Smart heating controls now have internet access and can link to phones and tablet computers, which is making it easy for people to stay on top of their energy usage. But should installers be getting excited about this new technology?   Installer spoke to Rich Burrows – a Honeywell Installer Network member and owner of […]

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Installers are the "eyes and ears" when it comes to Carbon Monoxide saftey

Plumb Center has staged a year-long campaign to make carbon monoxide alarms mandatory with the installation of any carbon-burning appliance in England and Wales – it’s already law in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Campaign Manager Gail van Dijk talks about how installers play a critical role in keeping people safe: It has also been led […]

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PlumberParts – Shut off valves

In this week’s PlumberParts video, the lads are looking at shut off valves.  How do they work? Are they easy to install? What customers would benefit from having them? Check out the video for the answers:

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