NIBE webinar boxset: discover heat pump technology with the experts

Installer was joined by NIBE during InstallerFESTIVAL and NetZeroFESTIVAL, where we hosted three technical webinars exploring heat pump technology. All three sessions are available to watch on-demand and here’s how you can watch them: NIBE F2040 heat pump case study In this discussion, you will hear all about the installation of a NIBE heat pump […]

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Be part of the renewable revolution – Part 2

As the nation becomes increasingly committed to making sustainable choices and greener living, it is clear that change is coming to the UK domestic heating industry. Here, in the second segment of this three-part series, Iain Bevan, Commercial Manager – Heating & Renewables at Daikin UK, explores what this change could mean for you and […]

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Are you ready for the renewable revolution?

Change is coming to the UK domestic heating industry but what does this mean for you? In this three-part series, Iain Bevan, Commercial Manager – Heating & Renewables at Daikin UK, will explore the growing demand for renewables and how Daikin’s Sustainable Home Network can help you seize a business opportunity that could help protect […]

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How to correctly size a heat pump

The ultra-low emission credentials of electrically driven heat pumps is becoming increasingly recognised. The Committee on Climate Change recently placed its emphasis on heat pumps to help deliver the carbon reduction in the heating sector, with a recommendation of the installation of one million heat pumps annually by the mid-2030s and 19 million in place […]

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How to link ground source heat pumps in a cascaded system to satisfy heat demand

Commercial premises typically need large volumes of heating and hot water. Paul Dennison – Sales Manager for Kensa Heat Pumps – explains how linking a number of ground source heat pumps together in a cascaded system architecture can satisfy this high heat demand – and qualify for the Non-Domestic RHI. Many installers will have come […]

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