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  1. I’m sorry, PV has had so much Government money thrown at it over many years, it is time to re-coupe some of that money, if PV can’t stand on its own, and have the same taxes applied to it as other products, then it is obvious it is not the efficient energy generation we have been told it is, I get fed up with the constant bleating that renewables need Government grants and support, Why, if it was as good and value for money as we have been told, why is there no take up, could it be it is still way too over priced, it is time these people realised the public are not interested anymore in the so called climate change, or Government carbon targets, they are sick of it, they just want cheaper bills, but renewables are not giving them cheaper bills, so they will stick with Gas and oil, energy sources they know work, do as they promise and have products, boilers etc, that they don’t need a 2nd mortgage to purchase


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