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  1. Funnily enough this cropped up today at a landlords property where the plumbing was appalling and where the parents couldnt afford to have the gas meter topped up.I was asked to do the minimum which involved replacing a shower that had blown up and stopping the bath from leaking,but where the basin was cracked and there was no bath panel.The leak had been going for a while and the plaster had fallen off on the ceiling below,and where no-one seemed unduly concerned from tenant to local council.
    There were young kids in the place-private social housing-who didnt have a decent and safe place to live,without heating on a cold and windy day.
    Charlie may be fine thinking this through after a morning on the golf course but at times the plumber is the first man through the door,and has a moral and social obligation to help people in deprived areas like ours (Blackpool). No hesitation here in pursuing this through our local installers forum.

  2. I totally agree with Charlie. We as tax payers pay for professional people to do this kind off work. Plumbers are not trained social workers and should not have to see themselves as one. We are invited into people houses and have a code of conduct of privacy to follow. What next we will be asked to be the eyes of the police and start snooping around?

  3. Dave H:
    Depends what you see in my view-where theres no ‘what next’ as its purely just the right thing to do.
    If I saw a kid being knocked about or a woman abused then I’d call the cops straight away,and to a lesser extent people struggling to feed or heat themselves would also be an issue.
    Had a bloke last year sat in a converted old garage shivering after doing a LGSC and had no problems reporting the property to the council. Screw the landlord and the £50 quid gas check where being a decent human being is more important than making a few quid.


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