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  1. Christopher Flaherty

    Oh right, so now the “industry” is claiming THEY made it clear to Government that the Green Deal was flawed before it was launched, what or who is this “Industry” that seem to like to claim it was them who do everything.
    In reality it was sole traders and SME’s who made it clear that the Green Deal was flawed before it was launched, it was us, who said we were NOT going to jump through more hoops with the requirement of parting with yet more money for the PAS2030 to allow us to be part of the scheme, it was us that stated the surveys would be based on too many assumptions and it was us that warned without the participation of sole traders and SME’e Green Deal would fail and we have been proved right, just as now we are saying ErP is flawed, giving a heating system an energy efficient rating purely based on the boiler and controls, without taking into account the insulation levels, windows, radiator sizing etc is FLAWED

  2. Christopher Flaherty

    Checking back on my old Blogs, I found one from 2011 even before the Green Deal had launched where I stated it would FAIL unfortunately your system prevents me from from putting up a link


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