Conex Bänninger launches >B< Press fittings in Irish sizes

Conex Bänninger is ‘bringing press-fit home’ to Ireland with the launch of its newly-developed >B< Press range in original Irish sizes for copper pipe.

The flame-free system is faster, safer and easier to use than traditional brazing and provides a secure and lasting leak-free joint, due to its 3-point press.

The cleverly-designed press tool means that to change the jaw head for different sized fittings, plumbers and heating engineers need only place different inserts into a single mother jaw, instead of replacing the complete jaw, saving even more time.

The mother jaw and inserts come in a tidy compact transportable box, which is light and easy to carry, making it an ideal solution when on-site.

>B< Press Irish can be used on hard or half hard copper pipe conforming to ISEN 1057 and is ideally suited for hot and cold water services, heating systems, chilled water and oil-free compressed air applications.

The pipework connections are designed for a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar with a temperature range of -35°C to 110°C, and are currently available in original Irish sizes ½” , ¾” and 1”.

Conex Bänninger has been supporting domestic and commercial plumbers and mechanical contractors in Ireland for more than 45 years.

UK and Ireland Business Unit Director Dan Wild, said: “We are really excited to be launching >B< Press in original Irish sizes, in partnership with our long-standing distributor partner Hevac.

“This bespoke range has been designed and engineered at our state-of-the-art European manufacturing facilities specifically with Ireland’s plumbers and heating engineers in mind.

“Some are already familiar with our >B< Press in metric sizes, and it was only natural that we developed a complementary range in original Irish sizes so they can enjoy the extra productivity and benefits that press fittings bring.

“It is particularly pleasing to be ‘bringing press-fit home’ to Ireland as it is the birthplace of the then revolutionary concept of using an O-ring seal in a crimp-type copper plumbing fitting, and its further development is a proud part of Conex Bänninger’s heritage.”

Press-fit technology has grown exponentially in popularity and is now the preferred copper jointing system in markets around the globe.

Garrett White, Managing Director of Hevac, said: “For us, Conex Bänninger is the perfect fit. They are renowned for producing high quality, innovative fittings, from being the first to introduce solder ring fittings to the market in the 1980s to the more recent introduction of >B< MaxiPro press fit for air conditioning and refrigeration applications, and now Irish >B< Press.

“The very clever design of the tooling, coupled with quality European manufacturing and a professional installation training and certification process sets Conex Bänninger >B< Press apart.

“>B< Press Irish is a very welcome addition to the Conex Bänninger suite of press solutions. With >B< Press in metric sizes, >B< Press Inox, and >B< MaxiPro fittings and approved pipe already available and in stock, we are now a true ‘one stop shop’ for press systems, covering the full heating, plumbing and refrigeration market.”

As a purely mechanical joint, >B< Press Irish avoids any fire risk and requires no hot works permit or the carrying of heavy gas bottles and other hazardous materials.

The fittings have the benefit of a 3-point press, with one press either side of the bead and a third compressing the O-ring. In tests, press fittings are around three times faster to install than those that require brazing.

WRAS approved, they also have a leak-before-press feature designed to leak at low pressures to highlight any joints that have not been pressed.

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