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  1. Christopher Flaherty

    Combination boilers are over specified, they are not installed because they are the best solution for the property, they are installed because they are cheaper and quicker to install, they take up less room in today’s tiny UK homes, in my opinion combination boilers only belong in small properties with one bathroom, most combination boilers due to the plate heat exchanger mean that two outlets cannot be run at the same time, meaning they are not suitable for a home with more than 1 bathroom, it is time we started designing systems that suit the application required of them, not what’s easiest, quickest with the most profit to be made.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but I understand that unvented hot water relies on the flow and pressure of the mains supply (as with the combi). Therefore fitting a 25ltr unvented cylinder when only 10ltrs is available will under-perform.


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