CORGI Pay launches to take the hassle out of invoicing and financial management

Managing payment requests is a common challenge for tradespeople, often resulting in administrative headaches, late payments and cashflow issues. Efficient solutions are necessary to streamline this process and improve financial stability. It’s why CORGI has introduced CORGI Pay.

Designed to reduce transaction costs and eliminate the manual chasing of payments, a CORGI Pay account can be set-up in just a couple of minutes by answering a few questions about you and your business. Reducing the wait associated with traditional payment methods, it allows for immediate invoicing from a site upon job completion via an SMS, email or WhatsApp.

Customers can make a frictionless two click payment on the spot via their preferred method including Apple Pay, Pay by Bank and BACS – simplifying the entire process for everyone. The installer then gets notified as soon as a payment hits their account.

Digital invoices appear more professional than handwritten or basic word-processed invoices. They can be customised with company logos, contact information and personalised messages, enhancing the tradesperson’s brand image. A professional looking invoice can leave a positive impression on clients, potentially leading to repeat business and referrals. And, of course, digital invoicing reduces paper usage, contributing to environmental sustainability. This can appeal to environmentally conscious clients, enhancing the tradesperson’s reputation.

CORGI Pay also provides detailed transaction records, simplifying bookkeeping and reducing administrative burdens. Users can view their trade account information including used credit limit, payment history and due invoices, and can send reminders for overdue payments. This also aids in tax preparation and compliance, reducing the risk of missing crucial financial data.

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