Countryside cottage reduces its carbon footprint with air source heat pump

The owner of a renovated cottage in the South Warwickshire countryside is enjoying the benefits of green energy with the latest air source heat pump technology from Danfoss Ltd.
The DHP-AQ heat pump from Danfoss Ltd. is providing the homeowner Jane Hunt with a more efficient and sustainable way of heating her terraced barn conversion.
The property was converted into a two-bedroom cottage in 1990, with an oil-fired boiler installed to provide heat and hot water due to gas not being available in the area.  Since moving into the cottage in 1995, Jane has been looking to replace the oil-based heating system for something more efficient and environmentally-friendly.
Ms Hunt said, “I had been seeking an alternative to the oil-fired boiler for a long time as the original system lacked efficiency and was becoming increasingly expensive as oil prices continued to rise.  As I live in the countryside, I am also very conscious to preserve the environment I value so much.  Therefore, I wanted to use a cleaner energy system which would be more sustainable, as well as more cost effective to run.”
Whilst carrying out research on solar panels, which Jane was also looking to install on the property, she came across ground source heat pumps and realised that this was the alternative to oil she had been looking for.
Jane contacted local installers, Stratford Energy Solutions, who recommended the Danfoss DHP-AQ air source heat pump as an excellent alternative to a ground source heat pump that does not have the hassle or expense of any groundworks.  The heat pump from Danfoss would provide hot water and space heating which is delivered via radiators, some of which were replaced as part of the installation.
Having recently received an inheritance Jane recognised that a heat pump plus a solar PV system would bring a greater, guaranteed return than most other investment alternatives whilst also improving the quality and comfort of her home environment.
Jane adds: “The heat pump has performed very well over the winter months and it’s great to know that I can produce my own sustainable energy from the air outside my home.  I work at home at irregular hours and have really appreciated the added benefit that the system is most efficient when providing a constant 24/7 temperature ensuring comfort at any time of day or night compared to the on/off fluctuations of an oil based system.  I would absolutely not go back to oil!
I now have more space in my home with the removal of the unsightly oil tank, back up boiler, water tank and cold water feeder plus my water pressure is much better now. I keep recommending this system to others in the village; the indoor unit is compact and does everything in one, I am very happy!”
Stratford Energy Solutions showed Jane how to use the system and explained what performance she can expect from a Danfoss air source heat pump.  They also carried out estimates of energy savings over the year and it is expected that her combined savings and earnings (from the FiTs tariff for Solar and RHPP for the heat pump) will be £3,000 this year.
Jane also benefited from funding through the Government’s Renewable Heating Premium Payment, which offers £850 towards the cost of a heat pump installation.
Chris Dale, Director of Danfoss Ltd, says: “Heat pumps are quickly becoming the first choice for homeowners who are looking to upgrade from oil-fired boilers.  Ms Hunt will certainly notice a reduction in her energy bills.  She will also benefit from a more consistent and comfortable environment and the peace of mind that her local carbon emissions have been significantly reduced.”
For more details about heat pumps, visit the Danfoss Ltd. website at or telephone 0114 270 3900.
For more information about Stratford Energy Solutions visit their website at or telephone 01789 262 411.

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