Craig & Derricott launches ATS equipment supplied in new GRP enclosures

In addition to an extensive range of Automatic Transfer Switches offered by Craig & Derricott, the company now has a range of ATS equipment supplied in new GRP enclosures.

ATS systems are essential wherever substantial power must be maintained, whether it is to ensure peoples safety in work or public space, or to maintain essential supplies to a vital process.

The company says the GRP enclosures can be used in many applications and provide weatherproof robust protection for equipment and employees. The major benefits are said to include extreme durability and an extensive lifespan. GRP enclosures remain operational for well over 25 years, they do not need any painting or staining or other protection.

Traditionally, GRP enclosures are left to do their job in some of the harshest and most remote environments possible. No matter what their purpose, these housings must stand up to everything that’s thrown at them including being fire resistant at up to 960°.