Soaring Scousers

So apart from the opening day of the season, transfer deadline day is one of those days which really gets my juices flowing, more exciting than a poorly constructed stag Russell Harty in Prague!
As the window shuts it looks like all the smaller clubs making the most noise, Sunderland, Wigan and Norwich to name a few. The clubs which we all thought had little minerals for the transfer market have been spending like they’ve got bee’s on tap! Everton were quite busy on the last day bringing in Gareth Barry, Lukaku and James McCarthy. Tell you what if Lukaku gets his dreads in gear like he did last season he’ll bag some nice points for your team.
Borini the young i-talian from Liverpool now on-loan at Sunderland could be a nice move for Di Canio. He’s got goals in him as he proved in that competition he played in, can’t remember which one, some sort of youth cup I’m sure.
Let’s talk about the big guns though, United and Arsenal. Both ain’t afraid to feel the fibre of their fabric or so we thought. Arsenal bringing in the classy Ozil was a nice move to see but just him to accompany 3 other low key players isn’t what I was expecting from Wenger. Why’s he afraid to splash the cash? If he’s not gonna spend it they might as well knock the price off of their season tickets then!
Moyes showing he’s cool under pressure, not! The new man at United showed he panicked when it mattered. Fellani for £27.5 Million?! Definetly a panic buy there. Might be being bold ere but they might not make top 4 if Moyes ain’t careful!
Afternoon with the custard and jelly, jog on!
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