Danfoss launches whitepaper on the Challenge of Net Zero

Danfoss has published an informative and thought-provoking whitepaper to analyse the complexity of decarbonising heat and to explore solutions for achieving Net Zero by 2050 – a goal set by UN member states in the 2015 Paris Agreement at COP21.
Given that heating homes and buildings accounts for more than 50% of all carbon emissions in Europe, it’s not surprising that heating is considered one of the biggest challenges for achieving this target.
Combining external data with Danfoss’s own industry knowledge and expertise, the whitepaper examines the steps that can be implemented today, such as effective heating control and hydronic balance, through to the ultimate goal of global energy transformation. In assessing the challenges of Net Zero the document explains how an energy transition will require a clear framework for action, supported by legislation such as the UK’s Future Homes Standard. It also considers the need to provide additional training for those installing and maintaining new green heating systems.
Offering a roadmap to Net Zero, the Danfoss whitepaper looks at some of the solutions, from short-term measures that are available now to future technologies. It presents the pros and cons of various alternative energy systems, including hydrogen-compatible domestic boilers, heat pumps, electrical heating systems, heat networks, and the concept of Heat as a Service.
Summing up, Gareth Ash, Marketing Manager at Danfoss, says there seems little doubt that achieving Net Zero is a massive challenge for the heating sector.
He comments: “We believe our whitepaper offers an invaluable guide to the challenges facing our industry and explores how most future pathways to decarbonised heat, particularly residential heat, are likely to involve a combination of solutions. Our message to installers and the wider heat supply chain is that even small actions on different fronts, such as optimising the efficiency of existing heating systems through better balance and control, can help us move in the right direction.”
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