DMS install Sontex Heat Meter on own ground source heat pump

DMS Install Sontex Heat Meter on own Ground Source Heat Pump

DMS will move to new 5,500sq ft purpose built premises in August 2013, they have had a Nibe 1340 – 30 kw GSHP with cooling installed by Henson Heat Pumps.

DMS have also installed an RHI Compliant Sontex Superstatic 440, the ideal meter for the application as on the cooling side the system contains glycol, the 440 meter is a meter that can accurately measure the kW or MW energy in heating/cooling system with a glycol additive, it can also be programmed to account for the percentage mix of over 65 different types of glycol.
DMS have tried to keep with green credentials installing low voltage LED lighting throughout the building internally and externally.
The new DMS premises, X-Cel House will also have an energy monitoring system which will be displayed on a monitor in the reception area.