Drayton launches new auto-balancing TRV

Drayton has launched its new auto-balancing TRV technology, available for two of its most popular ranges – the iconic TRV4 and RT414.

Developed from Drayton’s iconic TRV4 design, this chrome thermostatic radiator valve has been designed specifically for UK domestic applications, making it suitable and attractive for homeowners. The new auto-balancing TRVs have the same dimensions as all GB pattern valve bodies found in UK systems, meaning no pipework needs to be changed when retrofitting, making it an easy solution for installers to swap out.

David Kempster, Product Manager at Drayton, said: “Radiator balancing is an essential practice to improve boiler efficiency and avoid cold spots within the home, but it is a practice that most installers find very time-consuming and complex.

“Our aim with this new auto-balancing TRV technology is to make this process as simple as possible, reducing the time it takes to balance a system and eliminate call backs due to homeowners complaining about cold radiators, making it beneficial for not only the installer, but the homeowner too.”

Installing the new auto-balancing TRVs couldn’t be easier, all an installer needs to do is identify the heat output from the radiator the TRV will be fitted to and correlate it to the correct position on the TRV using the setting table provided included with the product.

For existing radiators, where installers are unsure of the heat output, they can use the new handy valve setting calculator on Drayton’s website to determine the correct setting for each auto-balancing TRV they are installing on the system. The Drayton balancing key, or an 11mm spanner, can then be used to select the correct position.

This process takes just a few minutes, and once installed and set, the auto-balancing valves will ensure that radiators permanently receive the correct flow rate regardless of other TRVs opening and closing or changes to the system. This technology is proven to save on average 8.8% on energy costs and ensure no cold spots around the home.

Unbalanced systems can result in radiators not heating up properly, causing hot and cold spots to emerge in rooms within a property. This also results in heating systems not being able to work to optimum levels, with condensing boilers failing to enter condensing mode. This results in not only higher heating costs or greater emissions than expected, but an unbalanced, ineffective heating system also leads to consumer dissatisfaction, which no installer wants.

David concludes: “Right now, we’re all working towards a net-zero future and looking for ways to save money on our energy costs. Our new auto-balancing TRVs are a simple and low-cost option that can offer a permanent and effective solution, making life easier for the installer and helping homeowners to save money – why wouldn’t heating engineers want to utilise this technology for every job?”

The new auto-balancing TRV4 and RT414 are available to purchase on the 9º Network store now.

For more information on Drayton’s new auto-balancing TRV, join the Drayton Community Facebook Group for a live Q&A session on the 14th July, or visit the Drayton Controls website.