EA Technology relaunches Keeping Electrical Switchgear Safe course

EA Technology has announced the relaunch of their Keeping Electrical Switchgear Safe due to increased demand across the industry.

The course is essential for industrial or commercial owner/operators of electrical switchgear, or maintenance managers with a responsibility for electrical switchgear. Additionally, Distribution Network Operators, switchgear equipment suppliers, specifiers or asset managers will also benefit from the course. As a one-day course, attendees can gain all the essential knowledge and skills, quickly and concisely.

Michael Parkhouse, Head of Training at EA Technology said: “EA Technology are uniquely placed to explain the key points given in the Health and Safety Executive’s publication, HSG 230 – Keeping Electrical Switchgear Safe, and can advise on everything you need to know about how to manage your switchgear assets. The importance of this course cannot be overstated for anyone who works with switchgear equipment, and as the sector goes through positive change across the board, now is the perfect time to ensure your workforce is knowledgeable and you company is compliant.”

On the course, attendees will gain critical knowledge of switchgear safety, along with enhancing the safety for the wider workforce and any others involved with switchgear. Completing this necessary training, will also ensure compliance with safety legislation, helping to reduce the risks of costly accidents and potentially catastrophic failures. The course is framed around five key topics:

  1. Legislative Framework and its Implications
  2. Maintenance of Electrical Switchgear
  3. Condition Monitoring
  4. Training and Operational Issues
  5. Management of Electrical Switchgear

You can book the Keeping Electrical Switchgear Safe course here for 29 February 2024: https://eatechnology.com/training/scheduled-courses/substation-courses/keeping-electrical-switchgear-safe/