ECS expands its remote invigilation service

The Electrotechnical Card Scheme (ECS) recently expanded its remote invigilation service for cardholders and employers, allowing them to undertake assessments using AI-powered, remote invigilation technology.

ECS has produced a short video with step-by-step instructions on how to set up a remote assessment, which you can watch below.

Jay Parmar, Chief Executive of the Joint Industry Board (JIB), said, “We’ve been working hard behind the scenes and we are pleased to announce that our card holders can easily undertake their HS&E Assessment through their MyECS account.

“This leading-edge digital solution puts our customers in control as, when and where they take their HS&E test with the results being sent back in real time. Physical centres will still remain operational for those individuals and companies that wish to use this facility or don’t have access to a working PC and webcam.

“We continue to listen to our card holders and this exciting new service is part of a wider journey that puts our customers at the heart of our vision to deliver greater value and an excellent service.”