ELCO UK launches super quiet AEROTOP S air source heat pump

ELCO UK has launched AEROTOP S – a brand new air source heat pump which features incredibly low noise emissions of just 46dB(A) and is specifically designed to be sited within a property.
140604 Produktbeschreibung AEROTOP SThe new heat pump is available in five models (5kW, 7kW, 9kW 12kW and 15kW), which can deliver COPs up to 4.77. Flow temperatures up to 65oC can also be easily achieved, thanks to the use of EVI (Enhanced Vapour Injection), where evaporated coolant is injected from the return flow directly into the compressor, further reducing the coolant circuit.
For added convenience, the 5kW, 7kW and 9KW models have the capability to provide active cooling, enabling use all year round. This also allows the unit to extract heat from a building and provide cooling through an underfloor circuit or an air conditioning function when used in conjunction with convector units.
The AEROTOP S has a groundbreaking design which ensures its operating noise levels are limited to typical household appliances, such as a modern domestic fridge. The unit utilises an aerodynamically optimised fan, which reduces noise levels by 2dBA compared to standard fans. In addition, all components within the refrigeration circuit are isolated with anti-vibration mountings – limiting the transmission of noise through the unit – while the casing is insulated with 30mm sound attenuating material.
Efficiencies for the new AEROTOP S are optimised by a number of specially designed components. The first is a high efficiency pump with an EEI (Energy Efficiency Index) less than 0.23, reducing energy usage by 50% when compared to conventional on/off units. It also eliminates the need for an external pump. The unit also incorporates a cross flow heat exchanger to lower pressure losses and help raise the COP by 5%.
Other components include a highly efficient variable speed-controlled centrifugal fan with optimised motor management, enabling further energy savings.
For more information on commercial boilers, hot water generation or renewables, please visit www.elco.co.uk