Ensure your and your customers’ safety during COVID-19 with Worcester Bosch’s ‘Safe In Your Home Installer Commitment’


This winter has proved unprecedented in many ways, and despite the difficult national restrictions all of us are facing, safety and reliability must continue to be our top priority whilst at work. During this peak time of year for essential boiler maintenance, a commitment to safe operation during COVID-19 is paramount to Worcester Bosch.

With everyone across the UK facing tough national lockdown restrictions, Worcester Bosch recognises how crucial is it to ensure that boiler installations are carried out in the safest possible manner so that installers can continue to work and reassure customers of their safety.

In order to achieve this, Worcester Bosch is continuing to roll out its ‘Safe In Your Home Installer Commitment’; a set of measures for both installers and homeowners to follow during essential maintenance to reduce any potential risks.

To date, thousands of installers have signed up the initiative, many of whom have found this a great benefit. Customers have also responded well when learning that their home installer is part of the pledge. In fact, 69% of adults feel more comfortable bringing installers into their home who are part of the commitment compared to those who are not.

By pledging to the ‘Safe In Your Home Installer Commitment’, you will receive information and communication tools to allow you to safely carry out work in people’s homes while demonstrating to them that this is your priority.

Measures include social distancing and hygiene guidelines which are designed to protect both parties during essential works, such as tips on how best to communicate with homeowners safely whilst you are in their home. Further guidelines include avoiding handshaking upon arrival, ventilating all working areas, cleaning objects and surfaces regularly, and bringing your own towel and refreshments – unfortunately meaning a (temporary) end to offers of a brew!

Upon completing the work, you should also clean high usage areas and remove any waste, and Worcester Bosch encourages customers to make payments via contactless methods or via online transfer, further minimising risk. All engineers should carry PPE in order to safeguard the working environment, and isolate if any symptoms of COVID-19 arise.

The ‘Safe In Your Home Installer Commitment’ protects installers and homeowners to ensure that you can continue to work and demonstrate your commitment to safety while doing so.

These measures will continue for as long as possible, as even beyond the current national restrictions Worcester Bosch will continue to put installers’ safety and ability to work first.

For more information, please visit: https://www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/professional/safeinyourhome

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