How ErP will affect heating controls

Andy Mansfield, marketing manager at Honeywell, talks to Installer Magazine about how ErP will affect heating controls and how you and your business can benefit.
Bright_Honeywell_EVOHOME_InstallationErP is a good opportunity for installers to discuss energy efficiency with their customers, and the benefits that it brings when it comes to lowering energy bills throughout their home. At the same time it is a great opportunity to upsell and grow your business.
When the legislation comes into force on 26th September this year, it will mark the first time installers can use official government figures to demonstrate to homeowners that heating controls make a real difference to the energy used in the home.
Under the new legislation, the way that different thermostats perform in terms of efficiency can be communicated to customers in a way that is easy to understand, and installers will be able to show their customers how a thermostat can deliver additional energy savings.
Although the labelling process relies on installers learning new skills the launch of label calculators will help to make the process much more straightforward.
evohome wifi and 4 radiator controllers creative 2 low resThe EU has specified that depending on their percentage rating, heating controls will fall into one of nine bandings, known as ‘classes’. While manufacturers like Honeywell would only sell controls compliant with the UK market, it’s worth mentioning that Class II Weather Compensator Controls for use with modulating heaters or Class III Weather Compensator Controls for use with on/off output heaters, will not meet UK building regulations. These controls should not be purchased by installers, as they will not meet UK building regulations.
Honeywell’s room thermostats fall into five of the nine bands, each of which attracts a different energy efficiency percentage to be added to the boiler efficiency figure:
• Class I – On/off room thermostat for the on/off operation of heaters (an additional 1%)
• Class IV – A room thermostat with TPI functionality for on/off output heaters (an additional 2%)
• Class V – Modulating room thermostat for modulating heaters (an additional 3%)
• Class VIII – Multi-sensor room temperature control for modulating heaters (an additional 5%)
The ErP energy efficiency rating system highlights that there are a number of different heating control technologies that will improve energy savings when compared to a simple on/off control. Along with weather compensation, TPI functionality is a valuable technology, and modulating control via OpenTherm-capable thermostats also adds additional benefits. At the top end of the scale a full zoning system – such as evohome when used with three or more zones – adds the greatest value: a full 5% rating (Class VIII). It is this rating that will give the installer a greater opportunity of influencing the energy grading from one band to another (i.e. A to A+).”
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