ESTA Training for Renewable Heat Incentive

29-30 April 2013; Euston, London
This new ESTA RHI course addresses issues identified by Ofgem at the ESTA aM&T event in February:
•    Understanding how the RHI scheme should be physically structured and connected.
•    Correcting the poor placement and installation of meters.
•    Improving the quality and completeness of the metering report – to aid acceptance by Ofgem.
These issues are affecting the flow of projects approved by Ofgem and more complete, higher quality submissions will benefit both clients and installers.
Attendees should include those who are:
•    Considering if RHI will benefit their operation and wish to know more about how RHI works, what are the criteria for approval by Ofgem to receive payment and how to embark on the project [1 day].
•    Considering whether to enter the RHI market and what it entails. [1 day].
•    Advising on RHI and meter installations and preparing and submitting meter reports to Ofgem [2 days].
•    Designing RHI schemes [2 days].
•    Installing RHI schemes [2 days].
By attending you will gain an understanding of:
•    The concepts and requirements of RHI in order to be approved by Ofgem and receive RHI payments.
•    How to prepare details of the actual physical meter placement and scheme layout including appropriate and accurate schematics.
•    The details to be submitted on the meter arrangements and demonstrating how these meet the Ofgem requirements.
Those taking the full course and passing the examination will be able to demonstrate to clients visible, traceable credentials, which will be valuable when presenting a project to Ofgem for approval.
The full course is 2 days including the exam – £490+VAT [ESTA Members £390+VAT]
For those wishing to extend their knowledge of the RHI but without the exam, there is an option of attending the first day only – £245+VAT [ESTA Members £195+VAT].
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