Fernox and Nutra provide the complete package

After trialling a series of Fernox chemical water treatments, East Sussex based Nutra Plumbing & Heating is now advertising a package of products to its customers to help restore central heating system efficiency and provide longterm protection. This includes Fernox Cleaner F3, Fernox Protector F1, Fernox Central Heating Energy Saver F6 and the Fernox Total Filter TF1.
Nutra Plumbing & Heating has been a family owned business for the last 40 years. With an office team and 6 plumbing and heating engineers in the field, the company specialises in boiler repair and general maintenance of central heating systems for domestic and social housing.
“It’s crucial that a newly installed central heating system or an existing heating system is energy efficient,” explained Darren Nuttall, Director of Nutra Plumbing & Heating. “As such,
chemical water treatment is an important part of our work and we recently switched to using a range of products from Fernox.
We were really impressed with the breadth of the Fernox range as it meant that no matter what type of system we deal with – we know we can find a product to suit. After initially trialling the products, we were so impressed with them we now advertise to our customers a complete package of products that can help improve efficiency and protect the system in the future.”
This package includes Fernox Cleaner F3, which removes sludge, limescale and other debris as well as the Buildcert-approved inhibitor Fernox Protector F1 to prevent the build-up of limescale. When used together, gas savings of up to 15% can be achieved every time a room is heated.
With every new boiler installation, Nutra Plumbing & Heating is offering Fernox Central Heating Energy Saver F6 to make even further improvements. Improving heat transfer efficiency and contributing to lower energy use within traditional central heating systems, customers can save 0.8% in gas consumption on unscaled boilers and 1.2% on scaled boilers.
Nutra Plumbing & Heating is also actively promoting the Fernox Total Filter TF1. The
hydrocyclonic and magnetic in-line filter removes and contains magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants from central heating systems – making it the final stage for ultimate system protection.
“The range of products from Fernox help us to restore and improve the efficiency of central heating systems as well as maintain boiler efficiency and extend system life,” concluded Darren Nuttall. “The products help to enhance the professional service we offer and our clients benefit from clean and efficient systems that can help lower their fuel bills.”
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