Fernox offers easier access to training

Fernox, manufacturer of chemical water treatments, is now registering installers for its training sessions throughout 2013. Fernox has long championed the importance of training and as such, has expanded its offering significantly. Now installers can take advantage of both classroom- based practical sessions around the UK as well as a series of e-learning modules via the Fernox website.
The domestic heating market is evolving all the time and installers need to ensure that they remain informed of the key market drivers – as well as the latest products, processes and services available to them. Regular training is highly recommended and Fernox has worked hard to ensure installers can benefit from easy access to both theory and practical sessions – offering the most comprehensive training available from a water treatment manufacturer.
Installers interested in face-to-face training can take advantage of Fernox’s one-day course organised at locations around the UK.  These offer an overview of the benefits and regulatory requirements of water treatment for traditional and renewable heating systems.  Participants gain hands-on experience of powerflushing a representative system, using water test kits and dosing a radiator with inhibitors such as Fernox Protector F1, in a variety of formats.
The Fernox e-learning modules allow installers to improve knowledge and understanding through four modules: The Fundamentals of Water Treatment- Part One and Two, Testing Water Quality and Powerflushing. Each module offers a comprehensive and useful overview on its subject area with visual and audio instructions as well as pre and post assessments to aid learning.
“We believe that when it comes to training, installers should be able to take advantage of both face-to-face sessions as well as have the option to learn about water treatment at times suitable to them and at their own pace, via e-learning,” commented Francine Wickham, Global Marketing Director at Fernox.
To take a look at the e-learning modules available visit: www.fernox.com or to register for a practical training session call: Tel: 01483 793200.
Fernox Training Dates and Venues – 2013
10 May
20 September
22 March
20 September
26 April
20 September
1 March
25 October
5 April
12 April
4 October
8 March
10 May
5 July
18 October
15 March
17 May
12 July
6 September