Britons pile up 100 million water bottles per week – could filtered water taps be the solution?

A brand new YouGov study commissioned by GROHE has found that half of Britain’s adult population buys bottled water on a weekly basis – totting up a pile of over 100 million water bottles per week.
Aside from the cost to our pockets, there is a huge cost to the planet, on land and in the sea and air. A study by the University of Georgia has calculated that around 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the oceans per year.
This this has since shown up in the stomachs of whales, fish and other marine life. According to a report by the Ellen McArthur Foundation, there will be more plastic waste in the sea than fish by 2050. On land, effects include disruption to food chains and eco systems, and in air, the release of hazardous chemicals which can cause respiratory problems.
According to the YouGov survey, the number of bottles of water bought in an average week varies, with the most ‘eco-conscious’ limiting themselves to one to two (25%), while nearly one in ten of us buy at least one bottle every day (9%). A staggering 6% of Brits are buying 10 or more bottles per week, equating to overall 100 million bottles per week overall. Bottled water consumption also remains high in restaurants, with more than one in five visitors choosing to pay for bottled water over choosing tap (21%), according to the survey.
So, why does the nation opt to buy bottled water instead of drinking from the tap? Are we not yet clued up to the environmental effects? A separate study by YouGov commissioned by the Consumer Council for Water, found the top reasons– when asked to select their top three – why those who opt to drink still bottled water at home in England and Wales over tap, included a dislike of the smell and taste of the tap water (43%), followed by fear of what other substances the water contains (30%). Amongst those who usually drink tap water at home, but not necessarily in other places, the top answer when asked to select their top three, was a lack of easy access (28%) followed again by fears about the safety of the water (19%).
Sustainability starts at home
For those who regularly buy bottled water or are worried about substances in tap water, investing in a GROHE Blue filtered water tap provides a solution both economically and environmentally.
The tap has been designed to provide still, sparkling and semi-sparkling filtered delicious-tasting water on demand. The GROHE Blue removes all impurities, including lead, from the water through a filtration system and adds magnesium for even greater health benefits.
Designed to fit in discreetly with your kitchen, the Blue’s filter tank sits out of sight in your kitchen cupboard. Investing in a filtered tap like the GROHE Blue will not only give you great tasting water, but it is also a positive step in the right direction to reducing plastic consumption.