FinishPlus: Quality you can count on


The extensive FinishPlus range from hansgrohe allows full customisation in the bathroom.

FinishPlus provides consumers with trend-led colourways for bathroom spaces. Matt Black and Matt White finishes are architectural by their very nature, working well alongside contemporary ceramics and furniture within modern bathroom spaces. Combined with similar basin and furniture finishes, FinishPlus Matt Black and Matt White communicate an efficient monochromatic scheme, helping tie the space together. Additionally, when used in a deliberate contrast, they can provide a dazzling and unique visual effect.

Whilst the monochrome shades offer a decisively modern aesthetic, the premium metallic finishes – Polished Gold Optic, Brushed Bronze, and Brushed Black Chrome – offer timeless design. These new finishes elevate the traditional metallic offering to allow for beautiful contrasts within the bathroom space. Explore new colour combinations, or pair with a range of interior styles – FinishPlus is an easy way to enhance minimal and plain bathrooms in an instant.

The finishes are created in the state-of-the-art PVD (physical vapor deposition) chambers with the process creating a vibrant look with state-of-the-art mechanical properties, with the surfaces hand-finished by expert technicians. The PVD coat is created vapour-deposited molecule by molecule in a vacuum coating process which creates a robust and brilliantly coloured surface. This process allows for 50 years of protection against wear and tear with no rusting or paint flaking off meaning the brassware looks brand new year after year. For the Matt finishes the specialist paint is applied in serval steps over additional layers of metal made in vacuum chambers, not only strengthening but also ensuring years and durability and longevity. This process is the result of exhaustive research, development, and testing, as each product undergoes thousands of production standards in test cycles, stress and field tests to ensure each piece is of the highest standard. The surfaces offer exceptional robustness, durability and scratch-resistance perfect for the bathroom environment.

Each of the top-quality finishes is the result of intense product development. Using Hansgrohe’s four pillars of quality: product, design, manufacturing and service, this range features expert materials alongside high-tech design. A combination of tech and handmade methods are used, with the brushed effect created manually, giving each piece a unique and luxurious texture as shown in the Polished and Brushed finishes.

With production of the PVD finishes, Hansgrohe continues to make strides in reducing their energy consumption by limiting their use of water and chemicals in the manufacturing production. At Hansgrohe’s base in Shiltach they pride themselves not only on high-quality workmanship but also on their dedication to using renewable resources in the product packaging, with almost 30 metric tons of recycled materials used to offset carbon emissions.

Company Bio

With brands, AXOR and hansgrohe, the Hansgrohe Group can be found all over the world. Beginning in Shiltach in 1901, Hansgrohe is marked by innovations, like the first hand-held shower.

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