Five people will win a Quikcore at InstallerFESTIVAL

We’ve teamed up with Quikcore for an exclusive giveaway on Tuesday 17 November at 10am, where we have five sets of Quikcores up for grabs!

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The patented Quikcore release system provides consistent results quickly. The easy-to-use design requires no spanners or excessive force, compared to current techniques. Quikcore removes the frustration from components locking up and binding, leading to damage. The improved work flow efficiency makes this an essential drilling tool within your toolbox armoury.

Quikcore Adapters

Stop breaking a sweat by using spanners and muscle strength to unscrew your core bits. It wastes your energy and breaks your threads. No more threads locking up and spending even more of your hard earned cash on replacements.

The Quikcore quick release system makes changing core bits a breeze.

Quikcore Knockout Tool

Stop wasting time pulling at cores with pliers and whatever tool you have to hand. With the Quikcore Knockout Tool you can pop out the core in less than three seconds and get on with drilling your next hole.

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