Five reasons why installers should use energy-saving heating system additives

Barry McMullen, Operations Manager at EndoTherm, gives five reasons why energy-saving heating additives should be a part of any installer’s toolbox. 
Any heating installer knows that specifying the most efficient components possible is in everyone’s interests – and this applies to everything from boilers to emitters. After all, an efficient heating system means better performance and lower bills for the customer, and a valuable seal of approval for the installer – which is good news for business.
The same goes for maintenance – and that’s why when it comes to water-based systems, energy-saving heating additives should be a staple of every successful installer’s toolkit. However, many currently aren’t using them at all. Usually, this is simply because they aren’t familiar with the products on offer – but as a result, they could be seriously missing a trick. To put firmly on your radar.  

  1. Savings, savings, savings

As a liquid that can be added to any wet heating system, energy-saving heating system additives boost overall system efficiency. They do this by altering the properties of the water inside the system – helping rooms reach the desired temperature quicker and retain heat for longer, and significantly reducing energy usage in the process. The result? Well, to use EndoTherm as an example, the product has been independently proven to save up to 15% on heating bills (although we’ve seen savings of more than 20% in some cases). As a rule of thumb, customers typically see a return on their investment within six months to a year, although this obviously varies. What’s more, EndoTherm becomes carbon neutral in just one day.

  1.  Hard science

If the savings aren’t enough to convince you, getting your head around the science behind energy-saving heating additives just might. In a nutshell, they work by improving the ability of water to transfer heat around a heating system. EndoTherm, for example, does this by reducing the surface tension of the water by more than 60% – and essentially making it ‘wetter’. This helps the water maintain a larger surface area, increasing thermal contact and improving heat transfer. As more heat is released into the room, the cooler flow return temperature also allows modern condensing boilers to recover more latent heat, which minimises the energy needed for the boiler to heat up again. As such, systems using EndoTherm need less fuel to maintain a comfortable temperature when compared to water-only systems.

  1. Ultimate versatility

All heating additives are different – but in the case of EndoTherm, it can be used in any wet heating system. Not only this, but it is compatible with both new and existing systems, and with clean or dirty water. All this makes it suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications where boilers are used to heat water – from homes, schools and offices to hospitals, hotels and warehouses. EndoTherm is also compatible with all leading-brand inhibitors.

  1. Independent verification

EndoTherm is currently the only energy-saving heating additive to be independently proven through comprehensive laboratory testing and field trials – and is the only product of its kind to be verified by the Energy Saving Trust too. It is developed and manufactured in the UK by a team of water treatment experts, using 100% organic materials. It is also completely non-corrosive and supported by most major boiler manufacturers. 

  1. A quick win

The bottom line is that quality, reputable heating system additives signify a quick win for installers. For a product with a relatively small price tag (for instance, EndoTherm retails at around £36 per 500ml bottle, which is enough to treat up to 12 domestic radiators), the resulting long-term cost and carbon savings can be substantial for businesses and homes alike.  Better still, EndoTherm takes just 10-15 minutes to fit using the installation kit provided. That’s why growing numbers of tradespeople are offering them as an additional accessory when installing new systems or servicing existing ones.  There is a clear upsell opportunity there for those who choose to take it.
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