Five ways job management software can transform your business


Juggling a work life balance can be difficult when you run your own business and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. James Chillman, UK Country Manager for Fergus, explains how job management software can help get your business into shape and give you more time for the things you love.

Despite the digital revolution transforming our lives over the past 30 years, more than 75% of tradespeople still use paper based methods when running their business. Pen and paper job sheets, spreadsheets, emails, and other offline tools are time-consuming and inefficient. Too often these laborious methods can lead to poor cash flow, lower profits, stress, and, if you’re not careful, burn out.

Nobody likes business admin, but there is an answer. By centralising and integrating all aspects of a job, business software like Fergus increases efficiency and decreases waste. It’s user friendly and helps business owners spend less time on admin and more time doing the things they enjoy. Gone are the disjointed old methods; by using Fergus in their place, you can manage the whole cycle, from quote to completion and final payment.

Here are five key ways job management software can transform your business – and with it your life.

Stay on top of finances

With all the supply chain issues and material costs on the rise, Fergus can help you to stay on top of your finances and keep abreast of your labour and material costs. With the easy-to-read status board, you can see the progress of each ongoing job at a glance, from pricing all the way through to collecting payment. Not only that, but Fergus is the only system which tracks labour and materials back to the job in real time.

By uploading your price books, your materials costs will appear in quotes automatically. You can adjust pricing by creating tiered mark-ups for different clients or job types. For example, you can adjust mark-ups on materials for smaller jobs and charge more for one off customers, or offer discounts where beneficial, such as for repeat customers.

Manage your team

With Fergus’s visual calendar, you can have a complete overview of what jobs are booked and for when. You can assign your team members to a job in seconds by just dragging and dropping them onto it. They’ll automatically receive notification by the app, so there’s no need to phone or meet with them.

You can see where your team are and where they’ve been, check how long they’ve been on a job, and whether or not they’ll make the next one on time. You can assign tasks to team members, book equipment and kit, and keep in touch with the whole team via the app. With Fergus, you can create job cards with ease, adding a new customer, or existing customer, and then assign the job to your team. They’ll be alerted automatically.

Tackle potential problems quickly

Job management software really helps you to examine the health of your business. You can break bigger jobs down into milestones, which makes managing costs and progress easier, and make changes to a job in an instant. You can log the cost and purchase of all materials, and track time spent on a job. You can fill out templated gas and electricity certificates, log hazards and on-site incidents, and record sign offs, all within the app.

You can see an overview of each job, too. So, whether it’s going over budget or taking longer than planned, you’ll be able to see what’s going wrong at a glance and fix it, so keeping that all-important margin.

Invoice quickly and get paid on time

Invoicing is made simple, too. You should ideally spend an hour a day on invoices and Fergus helps you to generate them quickly and efficiently because everything you’ve done on a job is logged on the app. For example, by inputting the cost and purchase of all materials, and tracking the time spent on a job, all this will be fed into the invoice automatically at the end. You can also follow up late payment with automatic SMS messages.

More time to relax

Ultimately what all these features bring you is more time, less stress and a more efficient, profitable business. Fergus was invented by a plumber precisely because he wanted to solve the problems that had plagued his business for years. We believe that after just a short demonstration of the user friendly Fergus software, you will already be on the road to a better business and more time to do the things and be with the people that really matter.

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