How to fix burst pipes with slip fittings

Although research suggests that many homeowners fear a boiler breakdown this winter, figures show that when temperatures tumble, ‘escape of water’ is in fact the biggest issue, mostly caused by frozen and burst pipes.

Repairing damaged domestic pipework permanently, securely and reliably is now possible in a matter of minutes with SharkBite Slip Couplings. To see how easy it is to make a repair, watch the SharkBite ‘how to’ video – it’s as simple as cut, push, done:

SharkBite is the industry’s only range of ultra-low lead, brass push-fit fittings that can be used to join five different types of pipe – copper, chromed copper, carbon steel, PEX or polybutylene – in any combination.

This provides a hugely practical benefit for installers responding to emergency call-outs, they can now rely on one single system solution to deliver a high-quality repair no matter what configuration, type of pipework or situation they face when they arrive.

SharkBite’s simple push-fit ends enable quick, permanent repairs, even in wet conditions, so there is no need to waste time looking for the stop tap and draining down the whole system.

Slip couplings are available in sizes 15 to 54mm and thanks to their slim-line body design, they are the ideal solution for repairs in confined spaces such as ceiling voids or behind walls.  All SharkBite fittings are pressure rated up to 6 bar at 95oC, WRAS approved and guaranteed for 25 years.