Flamco launches FlexFiller Direct G4

Flamco has launched the new FlexFiller Direct G4, which provides pumpless system top-up for sealed systems. 

Until now, there has only been one approved unit available in the UK to offer this technology but Flamco has responded to demands from customers up and down the country and now offers a unique solution for small commercial and residential systems requiring top up pressurisation. These new units are available from merchants from October 2022.

The Flamco FlexFiller Direct G4 unit is a slim, wall mounted, low flow rate – maximum 14 l/min depending on the boosted mains feed water pressure – pumpless, top-up pressurisation unit. It is designed to be connected directly to a building’s incoming mains or boosted water supply via the included flexible hose connections and to fill a heating of chilled water system without the use of a pump.

The unit comes with a sector leading user-friendly controller that displays all operating and error conditions in an easily understood and straightforward way. It features extensive data storage for online and offline analysis, microprocessor control and self-learning with a graphics display. It comes with MODBUS RTU and BACnet communication protocols so it can be integrated into a Building Management System if required. The unit is packed with algorithms to monitor expansion-vessel health, safety valve activations and leak detection.

Sean Blandford, Flamco managing director in the UK, said: “Introducing this unit in the UK has been something of a personal crusade for me. Customers have been asking us to provide this unit for a while and we have had to mount a concerted campaign to get an alternative solution recognised by the authorities. After a lot of work by our technical team in Holland and some interesting conversations with the authorities in the UK, we now have a quality unit available for customers to specify and for installers to integrate into installations as they wish. It’s a cost-effective option with what we believe to be significant benefits when compared to similar equipment that has been available for many years. We have developed a well-earned reputation for impressive control technology and the controller on this unit offers a wide range of benefits you would find hard to match.”

The list of unique features is long and impressive including backflow prevention Category 4 and the advanced technology incorporated in the unit ensures the lowest possible power consumption, a long service life and simple maintenance. It comes with a full five-year warranty.

For more info, please visit: www.flamco.co.uk