Flamco launches new Flexcon Premium range of expansion vessels – with a 15-year guarantee

Flamco has launched the a new range of expansion vessels in the UK. John Lynch – Flamco’s Domestic Sales Director – looks at four things installers need to know about Flexcon Premium:   
The Flexcon Premium range benefits from a new and unique plastic membrane, and offers raw materials and energy savings, whilst offering a 15-year guarantee. That’s more than double the previous guarantee, when compared to the existing expansion vessels available.
Flamco has succeeded in developing a unique plastic membrane for expansion vessels of 2 to 80 litres. This innovation makes expansion vessels much more sustainable, in terms of environmental performance and durability, while maintaining high quality.
With Flexcon Premium, Flamco achieves an important sustainability aim. The manufacturer had an independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) carried out to determine and limit the environmental impact of its expansion vessels. With a global market in this product segment, every environmental saving achieved yields a large-scale result. The LCA showed that despite the already good environmental scores, significant environmental gains and extra life span were possible.
1 – Cleaner quality
After intense research, Flamco decided to replace the rubber membrane with a plastic membrane made of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO). Tests showed that Flamco – even with the new membrane – does not have to make concessions to its most important quality requirements – high flexibility and low permeability. In addition, the environmental performance appeared to be better than that of the existing membrane and TPO can be burned or recycled more efficiently into other products of the same quality than is the case for rubber.
2 – Substantial environmental savings
In other respects too, the innovation scores highly in terms of sustainability. The new membrane is much lighter, because it requires up to 50 per cent less material. This saves raw materials, energy and fuel for transport and results in a large reduction of CO2 emissions. On one transport container of Flexcon Premium 25 litre expansion vessels, there is a weight saving of 997 kilos – leading to a significant fuel saving for the logistics operation. Flamco also saves a lot of energy in the production of expansion vessels. The new design hardly differs from the existing membrane, so Flamco can continue to optimise its production, producing and delivering the products more quickly.
Flamco has made the life cycle of these expansion vessels as sustainable as possible. Even the packaging and user manuals have been optimised. With this holistic approach, Flamco has taken a big step towards an even smaller ecological footprint.
3 – Phased delivery available
Currently Flamco only uses the new membrane in its expansion vessels from 2 to 80 litres for heating and cooling. With this innovation, it will replace the existing expansion vessels – Flexcon and Flexcon Top – in phases, with the new Flexcon Premium. Already the first medium-sized models (12 to 35 litres) have a plastic membrane. The smaller and larger models will follow at a later stage.
4 – 15 Years guarantee
The life span of the new expansion vessels is much longer than that of the existing expansion vessel models due to the new membrane and also offers a saving on maintenance. Flamco translates this advantage to the end user by now offering a full 15-year warranty on the entire expansion vessel. That is three times more than Flexcon (5 years) and almost double that of Flexcon Top (7 years).