Flogas celebrates milestone with Prince Charles

Flogas is celebrating following the successful launch of the UK’s first full-scale anaerobic digestion and biomethane-to-grid Plant in Poundbury, having supplied the plant with a propane injection system for biomethane enrichment.
The Prince of Wales, as Duke of Cornwall, has taken a keen interest in the development of the Dorset plant and has been consulted at every stage of the project. The Prince visited the site throughout its development and recently attended its official opening, a milestone in the renewable energy sector in the UK.
This is the first plant in the UK to inject this green source directly into the local distribution grid on a full-scale basis.
Liquid propane is passed from 6 x 2-tonne underground tanks through a vapouriser which is utilises waste hot water from a biogas compressor. The warm propane vapour is then piped to innovative vapour mix system. This consists of a highly sensitive control valve which is linked to a control panel which carefully control the quantity of propane to be injected to a static mixer, this ensures that the gas is adequately mixed.
Since this project has gone in, Flogas has developed a revolutionary liquid injection system.  The system works by injecting propane as an aerosol into the biomethane to enrich it to the desired target calorific value. The liquid mix system works by pumping propane from the storage tanks to the mixing system. The major advantage of this, and one of the major reasons why the liquid mix system was developed, is that there is no need to keep propane vapour warm over long distances, thus reducing associated problems incurred through the process of condensing back into liquid form.
James Rudman, Technical Services Director at Flogas comments:
“We are absolutely delighted to be part of this exciting project at Poundbury. As well as designing and building this groundbreaking propane injection system, Flogas has also developed a control system and LPG storage and supply solution for the plant.”
For further information visit www.flogas.co.uk