Fluidmaster releases Little Guide Book of Toilet Repairs

Fluidmaster has released the ‘Little Guide Book of Toilet Repairs’, which offers quick and simple diagnosis and repair tips for common toilet problems.

The 24-page book – available to download from the Fluidmaster website – focusses on some of the main problems which are widely experienced with malfunctioning toilets and offers advice to help identify and fix some of the more common toilet repair issues.

Incorporating general information on the internal workings of a toilet cistern, checklists to help with spotting specific problems and an array of information covering everything from constantly running loos to weak flushes and water hammer.

Download your copy of The Little Guide Book of Toilet Repairs at: https://www.fluidmaster.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Pocket-Toilet-Repair-Guide_web.pdf

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