Four top training sessions for plumbing, heating and electrical engineers to watch now

Installer hosted another InstallerFESTIVAL from 14-18 May 2021, providing installers with technical training, business support, the opportunity to take part in online discussions, and chances to win top prizes.

We were joined by top manufacturers and trade bodies in the industry, and here we’ve rounded up four top training sessions designed to help UK installers.

1. The Do’s and Don’ts of Electric Boiler Installation

The Electric Heating Company delivered a training session on electric boiler installation.

Alan Aitken, National Sales Manager, and Chris Allan, Service & Technical Manager, also took us through three of their electric boilers:

  • Astro combi
  • Comet System
  • Slim Jim Flow

And they discussed the features and benefits of each, plus the do’s and don’ts on electric boiler installation.

Hit the link to watch now:

2. Common pitfalls when specifying and installing low carbon ready UFH systems

Paul Harmer, Technical Director at the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (CPHE), was joined by Paul Hull and Paul Jeeves to discuss the common pitfalls when specifying and installing low-carbon ready underfloor heating systems.

Watch this webinar on-demand here:

3. No more limescale: Bare wire technology in instant water heaters

Installer was joined by Stiebel Eltron for this no-cost webinar discussing bare wire technology in instant hot water heaters.

John Felgate from Stiebel Eltron discussed:

  • What is bare wire technology and how does it differ from traditional tubular water heaters
  • The benefits – no scaling, cheaper to run, better efficiency
  • Using instant water heaters with bare wire technology in combination with boilers and/or renewable hot water sources
  • What products does it feature in and what applications do they have
  • Bare wire vs traditional tubular heaters: the benefits
  • Domestic and commercial applications

Catch up on this online session here:

4 How to avoid catastrophic component failure with the humble check valve

John Thompson, CEO of the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC) delivered a technical briefing session on some crucial points that need to be considered when installing check valves in plumbing and heating systems.

This session covers the following key points that need to be considered when installing check valves in order to avoid potential component failure:

  • The basic properties of water
  • The Water Regulation requirements in relation to backflow protection
  • Typical applications of check valves in plumbing & heating systems
  • The effects of temperature and pressure on system components
  • How to mitigate against the effects of temperature and pressure when installing check valves

Watch this session now, here:

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