Free CPD guides from Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has launched two free CPD-certified guides focusing on the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the Green Deal.
“RHI will help to increase demand for renewable alternatives to traditional heating and the Green Deal is an important part of encouraging households to look at the energy efficiency of their homes,” explains Graham Temple, Marketing Communications Manager.
“However, there is a lot of misinformation about both in the market and we wanted to provide a clear, independent and definitive guide to them.”
The Green Deal is the Government’s flagship carbon emission reduction policy, designed to encourage as many homes and businesses as possible to take energy efficiency measures such as installing insulation, double glazing or renewables.
In essence, the Green Deal facilitates the energy-efficient improvement of homes and non-dwellings with some or all of the cost paid for from the savings on their energy bills.
The Guide to the Green Deal explains firstly what it is and how it works, and then looks at the viability of the scheme and examines the potential impact on the UK in terms of energy efficiency improvements.
The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is a financial support scheme for renewable heat targeted at households. The support, which is due to start in Spring 2014, will be paid to the owner of the heating system, whether it is an air or ground source heat pump, biomass system, or solar thermal technology.
The Domestic RHI Guide looks at the background and objectives of the incentive, how it will work and its key concepts. It then takes the reader through the long-term financial benefits to householders and industry alike of switching to renewable heat.
Mitsubishi Electric is certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service and has produced a number of independent Industry Information Guides designed to enhance the knowledge of customers and provide a view of the key issues facing our industry.
The company is the manufacturer of the market-leading Ecodan® range of heat pumps, which use the latest technology to upgrade renewable energy from the outside air or ground, to provide space and water heating.
The performance of the company’s Ecodan system was independently verified in a recent report by the Energy Saving Trust, which showed that the heat pumps demonstrated average estimated annual operating cost savings of 8% over a gas condensing boiler, 36% over an oil condensing boiler and 67% over a direct electric heating system.
To obtain a pdf copy of either CPD Guide, email details to or call 01707 282880 to find out more about the full range of CPD Guides, seminars and roadshows.

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