Free heat pump installations for commercial premises

Cheltenham based The Renewable Design Company Ltd is the first renewable energy company in the UK to offer free heat pump installations for commercial premises. RDC has secured investment funding of £1.5 million for the first phase of installations, which are well under way.
Free heat pumps webCurrently working nationwide on ten retirement home projects, RDC Ltd will install a heat pump system in each block of apartments at NO cost to the developer.  RDC install completely free and once installed will maintain the system for free for the following 20 years, giving any landlords and property owners peace of mind. RDC will recoup their investment through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments.
RDC Managing Director Julian Sowerbutts, commented:
“While the market has been busy with biomass installations, recent drops in tariffs have shown that it has become a less financially attractive proposition. Stricter regulations for installations, constant delivery issues and high maintenance requirements have also reduced the number of new projects, with all eyes now turning to heat pumps, where tariffs remain at their peak and the returns speak for themselves. Now is the time for commercial property owners to take advantage of our Free Heat Pump Incentive. Customers can use funds allocated for heating elsewhere whilst RDC cover the cost of a renewable energy system, which will provide heating and hot water at reduced cost to the end user.”
Not only will commercial property landlords and developers benefit from reduced capital building expenditure but the property will benefit from reduced carbon emissions and higher BREEAM credits. Planning applications that include a renewable heating system are more acceptable to councils and therefore avoid costly complications and delays. For most retro-fit, non-domestic properties, a heat pump installation is often considered as ‘permitted development’, with no need for planning.
As heating accounts for nearly 30% of energy use in non-domestic buildings there is ample scope for savings. The ground, air and water all provide energy, which can be converted into heat. Heat pumps extract the required energy from these sources and provide an efficient, clean way to supply heating and hot water. Renewable technologies can be installed from central urban properties to remote rural locations. The only energy used by a heat pump is electricity to power the compressors and pumps, a well-designed heat pump installation will provide three or four times as much thermal energy (heat) as is used in energy to drive the system. For a fully carbon neutral system the electricity can be purchased from a green provider.

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