Freedom Heat Pumps launches online training videos

Freedom Heat Pumps has launched a series of online training videos to support installers during these unprecedented times. We spoke to Sales Director, Chris Higgs, about what exactly is on offer.
“As I write this, In the UK, we are currently facing unprecedented times. The country is pretty much on lockdown, with the current government advice being to stay and work in our own homes.
“At the end of March, we at Freedom Heat Pumps sat back and realised that we had two options: we could either hunker down and, in the abridged words of Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, “wait for all of this to blow over”, or we could roll up our sleeves and put together something which we hope will help past, present and future heat pump installation engineers.
“Ten years in the making, but scripted, filmed and online in 48 hours, we are proud to present our Free for Lockdown 2020 Heat Pump Training Videos.
“So, I hear you say “What is all this noise of Free Heat Pump training? How do I know it’s right for me?”
“First things first; this training is intended for everyone from brand-new installers, all the way through to seasoned pros. Even if you’ve never picked up a heat pump installation manual, you’ll find something useful in this training.
“The Samsung Generation 6 training we have put together on these sets of videos is the shortest training we offer. With that in mind, it made sense that our first foray into online content would be a taster type course that would introduce a number of concepts (how to maintain a heat pump, what is involved in heat pump installation wiring and much more), which, depending on feedback, we can look to expand on.
“The training is split into 18 bite-size videos that average somewhere around five minutes each. It’s important to understand that all the videos are specifically titled (Video 3 Freedom Heat Pumps GEN6 (2020) Lockdown Training [Installing the Indoor Unit – MIM-E03CN] for instance), and so can be tackled all at once, or over the course of a few days. At a total of 1 hour and 28 mins, it’s no more of a commitment than watching the original Walt Disney Animation The Lion King… Enjoy!”
Watch the first video here:

View the full playlist here.

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