Fuel's gold

As pressure mounts on the UK to meet its carbon emission targets and the price of traditional fuel – such as oil and gas – increases, the drive to find alternative fuels is becoming increasingly important.
Peter Fleming assesses the practicality of the primary options.
We hear a lot these days about ‘renewable fuels’, ‘alternative fuels’, ‘sustainability’, etc. Unfortunately, these terms are rarely defined and are often used carelessly by people who do not really understand them. Terms such as ‘zero carbon’ need to be treated with caution because the vast majority of energy is from fossil fuels that contain carbon.
In essence, all alternative fuels either emit no carbon dioxide (CO2) when burned or they are fuels where the CO2 released will be recycled (by photosynthesis) as wood in a fairly short time, as opposed to the millions of years that it takes to produce fossil fuels.
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