Is the future of our homes all about connected systems?

Neil Mattock, Vokèra’s Marketing Director, talks to Installer about the new BeSMART Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.  
Starting your coffee machine from your bed or switching on the lighting before you get home is no longer a thing of the future, the technology is here. The way we control appliances has changed dramatically and this is just as true when it comes to heating systems. Homeowners can have more control over their heating than ever before and Vokèra is making it as easy as possible for them with the BeSMART Wi-Fi enabled thermostat. BeSMART is an internet connected device, specifically designed for heating control that allows homeowners to change and adapt their heating systems, all via the convenient BeSMART App.
This new controller is great for homeowners but it is also good news for installers – there is a business opportunity out there for controls when fitting a new heating system or upgrading an old one. Installing BeSMART is especially quick and simple, when replacing an old thermostat and no additional wiring is required. It has been designed to specifically complement the Vokèra boiler range but it will also work with the majority of residential boilers with ON/OFF control, making it an ideal replacement for old thermostats.
What’s impressive about this smart thermostat is that it can be set-up for single or multi-zone control, with a maximum of eight zones. It can also be connected to Vokèra boilers with OpenTherm to allow interaction with weather conditions; meaning on milder days, it will automatically adjust to the ambient temperature. When connected to an OpenTherm compatible boiler, BeSMART can achieve up to Class VIII control under ErP (+5% in space heating efficiency) thus saving users energy and money.
Homeowners can also programme up to three comfort levels to suit their needs and save energy and money. The App is available on both iOS and Android and works on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer via an internet browser. Users can adjust the temperature, programme in settings and even check the boiler operating conditions whether they are at home or sunning themselves on holiday.
Installers that use BeSMART will have access to a protected technical menu that gives them power to adjust the boiler parameters. Depending on the set-up, end-users may also have an online connection to Vokèra’s service centre, which will flag up problems straight away.
The future of the home is all about connected systems and we are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation, make sure you are too.
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