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Gas fitter fakes safety documents


  1. The message is still not getting across to the public how important it is to check that the person working on gas appliances in their house is gas safe registered. I have been running my own business now for 18 years working with gas in peoples houses, i do not lie when i say in all that time i have only been asked to see my id card once, just because i have a gas safe sticker on my van don’t prove for one minute that i am registered. Just do a survey and see just how high the percentage is of gas safe registered people have been asked for their card.

  2. as a plumbers, we should not take advantage to this kind of job.

  3. I agree with Dominic, I have never been asked by a customer to see my ID card, until places like Wickes and even large plumbers merchants should ask to see the card each and every time, anyone buys anything related to gas appliances and have the cardID logged to that part, its not hard its another field in the database table.
    A few years back I sent my 17 year old son into Wickes to buy a Landlords Safety Inspection pad, he wasn’t challenged, and came out with the pad, so if he could buy that what about buying a boiler and fitting it him self? So whats to stop landlords and home owners from doing the same!!!


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