Gas Safety Trust announces new direction

The UK’s fuel safety charity, the Gas Safety Trust has announced plans for a new strategic direction.
The Trust was established in 2005 with the key objectives of further improving fuel safety for the public and industry throughout the UK.
Gas Safety Trust Board Chair, Chris Bielby said ‘The purpose of the charity will remain the same, as the Trust remains utterly committed to helping improve fuel safety and reducing the number of incidents involving carbon monoxide exposure. In the past we have been involved in a wide variety of projects from consumer awareness campaigns to providing carbon monoxide detectors to vulnerable groups in the community.’
Chris continues, ‘However, the Gas Safety Trust has agreed that the main focus of its activities will now be on funding research and projects that will provide evidence to help improve and promote fuel safety’.
The mission of the Gas Safety Trust is to become the trusted source of evidence based fact for fuel safety in the UK. This evidence will be used to inform and implement far-reaching safety initiatives for the betterment of consumer safety in the UK.
The Trust will work in partnership with other organisations to ensure that the evidence gathered is used to deliver the changes required to help improve safety. The reason for the change is that the Trust believes this is where they can make the greatest impact. It also makes best use of the expertise at the disposal of the Trust.
11 independent Trustees who have the overall responsibility for its work oversee the Gas Safety Trust. All Trustees bring a significant amount of industry experience and knowledge to their role at the Trust.
The Gas Safety Trust is also working very closely with the All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group. The recent formation of the All Fuels Carbon Monoxide Awareness Forum will also contribute to more cohesive consumer awareness activity and the Trust is looking to work closely with and to support this group.
Another significant change is that the emphasis for the Trust is no longer solely on gas, but all fuels, including oil and solid fuel.
Chris Bielby said ‘The most recent DIDR Report published by the Trust included an assessment of domestic solid fuel and oil heating incidents as reported by HETAS and OFTEC, which offered a broader picture of carbon monoxide safety issues. Having the bigger picture allows us to identify carbon monoxide safety concerns in all fuel areas.’
In addition to identifying areas of concern, funding research and providing evidence, the Gas Safety Trust will continue to focus on lobbying all relevant stakeholders, including Government and regulatory bodies to influence legislation.

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