Geocel explains how you can make sustainable choices at InstallerFESTIVAL

Andy Cummins, Senior Product Manager at Geocel joined InstallerFESTIVAL for a video Q&A.

Installer’s Head of Content, Joe Sharpe, spoke to Andy about why installers should be adopting more sustainable solutions. The included a video demonstration of how the company’s innovative sustainable ecoSEAL system works.

It has never been more important for installers to consider unnecessary waste. In particular. the construction industry currently consumes 23% of all plastic produced in the UK, and generates an estimated 50,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste every year.

In response, the government is set to introduce a new tax on plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled content. As such, installers could soon be paying much more for single-use plastic products, such as traditional sealant gun cartridges.

In this Q&A, Andy discusses how new, re-usable sleeve solutions, such as the ecoSEAL system are able to offer installers a more cost-effective and greener option. Once emptied, the foils are around eight times smaller than traditional cartridges and 60% lighter. Better still, the sleeve can be re-used an average of 75 times. Well-known brands, such as Dowsil 785+ and Painters Mate are already being produced in compatible foils, giving you the added confidence to switch.

As well as fully explaining the economic and environmental benefits of the solution, the session will also include a video demonstration of how the ecoSEAL system works. Therefore, if you’re looking to make next year the year when you and your company become more environmentally conscious, then this could be the perfect webinar for you.

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